Mehadrin - Upholding Community Standards

You might be a leader raising money to help community members in need; maybe you’re a dedicated parent launching an initiative on behalf of children, building a legacy of kindness (chesed) to honor the memory of a child; perhaps you are a passionate student or community member crowdfunding for a new yeshiva building or a major renovation in your neighborhood shul.

Raising Money For

  • Synagogues
  • Yehiva & Community Institutions
  • Educational Activities
  • Torah Scrolls
  • Educational activities
  • Community members assistance activities
  • Dedicated Torah scrolls

The Charidy Magic Touch

Several of our campaign managers hail from Hasidic communities around the world and specialize both in medium size campaigns as well as massive Giving Days that involve dozens of campaigns working together. We speak the language of the community and are familiar with the intricacies of Hasidic life and therefore, we proudly tout an unmatched talent for creating high-utilization campaigns for this community. Charidy can help you improve the way you plan your fundraising and mobilize hundreds of thousands of followers while applying proprietary fundraising tools and tactics for both smaller-scale as well as higher-yielding campaigns.

Fundraising levels

Large Scale
$1M - $50M
$500K - $1M
Local campaign
$100K - $500K